Valentines is going to the dogs

Valentines Day can be such a strange holiday for so many people that this year we decided to make it not about people but the true nature of giving love unconditionally. We couldn’t think of a better representation of that feeling than dogs. It’s all about Puppy Love that is sweet and simple, or if you are more of the fancy type, Pugs & Kisses. Check out our Valentine Sweet Heart Collection here!

Since the new year, we have reintroduced the Pink Champagne fragrance line that will remain in stock until the end of summer. It’s very popular and I have changed the design of the soaps to add a bit of gold shimmer to match the new labels. The bath bombs also reflect the new labeling too with gold, pink and white.

Whether you have a loved one with you, never had one to celebrate with or just plain tired of “love”, I can’t believe that the faces on our collections won’t bring a smile to your face!

Pull out those Ugly Sweaters!

As the winter holiday season begins to sneak up on us, it’s time for the over-the-top and garish holiday sweater tradition! I have had plenty throughout the years and I must admit, I didn’t think the ones I had were that bad until my little sister rolled her eyes one too many times.

So in honor of this festive time of year, we are kicking off the start of our official holiday decorating and over all shop craziness with our UGLY SWEATER event. Starting November 3rd until November 6th, you are encouraged to don your finest of tacky holiday sweaters/jumpers and flaunt them in our shop for 10% off your purchase (excluding tax of course). Shanda and I will be sporting some of the finest in acrylic fashion plus a few wool wonders from the 1960’s to 1980’s just to torment the rest of Main Street. For our online shoppers, we will trust you will be shopping in your finest so let us know by using the coupon code UGLY SWEATER for 10% off your product purchase. Again this offer is only good from November 3rd to the 6th at midnight.

Also that week we will be introducing one of our Christmas scents called….Ugly Sweater. You could see where this is going I am guessing. It’s a blend of sugar and spice with winter fruits that some of you might remember we previously called Sugar Plum Fairy. I never was happy with the Nutcracker soap so Shanda suggested we rename it and make new labels. As usual, it was a great idea and now, we have a special for it and something fun to launch the winter holidays with. I have to say I received my first Christmas sweater on Thanksgiving so it’s was a perfect way to bring in the holidays.

You’ll find Ugly Sweater listed under our Christmas Holiday Collection on line at With it’s crazy looking shea butter soap along with bath bombs, hand pour wax melts, fragrance spray and shea butter lotion, it’s a great fragrance to make your merry and bright. We will have gift sets available too for the first time online but more on that later with our upcoming Gift Guide.

Lotions anyone?

After an 8 year absence in this 20 year run, I am back to offering lotions in our different fragrances. It’s a first for the Arcadia Valley line of products and there are some for MoSoap now too. Lotions can be such a different beast handcrafting them. I never had room in the shop here on Main Street to make them properly but now with some upgrades, we are in the lotion business too.

You will find two types of lotions – that’s because I just couldn’t decide which type I liked best! For those looking for a hydrating light weight feel, you’ll enjoy our Goat Milk Lotions. With our Shea butter soaps we just had to have a Shea Butter lotion with it’s creamy feel but not greasy. With the advancement of preservative systems over the years, I am happy to say all of our lotions are parben free! And our synthetic blends are free of parbens and phlathlates as I try very hard to make things healthy for your skin.