An update on us

When I decided to go to online ordering only with the store closed I figured I wouldn’t be terribly busy. I was mistaken. Granted, soap is a good business to be in right now but I thought people wouldn’t be spending money. Thanks to everyone still supporting our small business, I am able to continue soaping and make sure Shanda has a paycheck. She’s working on marketing and future projects from home while I am filling orders and making fresh product. My husband Colin works in Webster Groves, MO and I asked him 2 weeks ago to take time off. Happily, his office let him have 2 weeks without pay to stay home and when this time is up the end of this week, he will be working from home here in Ironton. He left the metro area prior to any orders to stay home so he been home for 10 days now. I mention this because several people are concerned he is still working up in St. Louis. Nope, he has a honey-do list a mile and a half long so he’s not going anywhere soon if I can help it!

We were going to re-evaluate the situation April 15th, but with the current information we are looking at delaying any sort of soap shop opening until June. If sooner great, but for now it’s looking like June for us.

Over the next few days I will be putting some new soaps back online and restocking our popular ones. The system I have worked out with our postal team is that they will pick up from the outside of the shop when I have orders so I will not be walking orders down to the post office. The same with UPS pick ups also. This may add an extra day or so with shipping just so you know. I am hoping the postal service stays operating as I just saw today a discussion regarding this topic. Search Postal Service Coronavirus if you are interested.

I wanted to give you an up-date of what was going on with us here at the soap shop. Still working away and planning on fun things in the fun is our outlook.

Thanks as always,


An easy decision of support

My decision to close my soap shop temporarily to the public was easy. There was no question in my mind of what needed to be done. My deepest admiration goes to those on the front lines – the people keeping our grocery stores and pharmacies open, the healthcare professionals that are facing a workload I can’t imagine and our leaders that must make hard decisions.

Am I sad for having to do it? YOU BET! Things at the shop were rockin’ – new wholesalers, new customers and fun displays. But, I must help support my community leaders by not helping to spread the Covid-19.

When I saw that our community schools had closed, I realized the hardships on so many families, educators and others whose jobs are based on the schools. I can only imagine a small fraction of the behind the scenes logistics involved. If our local officials and educators felt it was time to take this step to help our community weather this issue and make the long term better, then what other decision could I make?

You all know the soap shop for it’s little bars of bubbly goodness you pick up and sniff, bath bombs you roll around in your hands and lots of conversations at the counter. What do people do when there’s a snow day or school is normally closed? Come to the soap shop and bring the whole family….we do quite well $$$ wise when there’s a school closure. So by closing the soap shop, it’s no longer an attractive nuisance to our community. If my community leaders feel it’s worth the sacrifice of our schools, then I will do my part to support them by not giving a needless venue to be a weak link in the spread.

It’s not the end of the world, and small business doesn’t have to fail. It’s time to be creative! How fun is that? I love a challenge! Heck we bought 3 dilapidated old buildings because I like challenges.

If you haven’t seen this Washington Post article and videos on how this funk spreads, check it out here:

I just wanted to explain why we have closed temporarily ahead of requirements that I believe will be coming. Sooner is better than later in this case. For me, the worst is you think I’m a crazy, over reacting old woman. I can live with that. So the online store is open, and feel free to shop away. You know I’ll hook you up with some freebies for ordering just like when you come in the shop! 🙂

Talk to you later!