Lotions anyone?

After an 8 year absence in this 20 year run, I am back to offering lotions in our different fragrances. It’s a first for the Arcadia Valley line of products and there are some for MoSoap now too. Lotions can be such a different beast handcrafting them. I never had room in the shop here on Main Street to make them properly but now with some upgrades, we are in the lotion business too.

You will find two types of lotions – that’s because I just couldn’t decide which type I liked best! For those looking for a hydrating light weight feel, you’ll enjoy our Goat Milk Lotions. With our Shea butter soaps we just had to have a Shea Butter lotion with it’s creamy feel but not greasy. With the advancement of preservative systems over the years, I am happy to say all of our lotions are parben free! And our synthetic blends are free of parbens and phlathlates as I try very hard to make things healthy for your skin.