Valentines is going to the dogs

Valentines Day can be such a strange holiday for so many people that this year we decided to make it not about people but the true nature of giving love unconditionally. We couldn’t think of a better representation of that feeling than dogs. It’s all about Puppy Love that is sweet and simple, or if you are more of the fancy type, Pugs & Kisses. Check out our Valentine Sweet Heart Collection here!

Since the new year, we have reintroduced the Pink Champagne fragrance line that will remain in stock until the end of summer. It’s very popular and I have changed the design of the soaps to add a bit of gold shimmer to match the new labels. The bath bombs also reflect the new labeling too with gold, pink and white.

Whether you have a loved one with you, never had one to celebrate with or just plain tired of “love”, I can’t believe that the faces on our collections won’t bring a smile to your face!